The Chocolate Hills of Negros ???

Well, now Rhoody is completely nuts, hey wait a second of course it is the first of April and he wanna fool us.

No, Rhoody does not fool you guys. Not many people know that Negros has its very own Chocolate Hills. They are not as many as the world famous chocolate Hills in Bohol. As a matter of fact it took me quite a while to discover them and even longer to write about them.

I saw the Chocolate Hills of Negros a long time ago on a trip to Bacolod and as I never heard about Chocolate Hills as a tourist attraction in Negros AND was a bit hang-overed, it could have been a bit of daydreaming. Well, I took my camera and took a quick snapshot of the Chocolate Hills. Falling asleep again I just downloaded some hundred pictures when back in Dumaguete and completely forgot about them.

By the way you can find the Chocolate Hills of Negros on a wonderful trip from San Carlos to Bacolod.

Now it is up to you to find out if Rhoody was to hang-overed, try to fool you or knows Negros better than most others.

Cheers and good luck in finding the truth