Chicharon – an awesome, unhealthy spanish snack which goes along perfectly with a lot of alcohol and a bad-ass movie on the sofa at home. Now it wouldn’t be the Philippines if they would not try to invent something new.

The Vegetarian Chicheron

No more greasy fingers, the taste of old fat which need to be washed away with beer or rim ‘n coke. Just a boring crunchy chew without any taste. I run into it at Manila Airport when coming back from Germany. My intention was to get into my pinoy-mood right away and eat some local snack. Sadly, i did not read and just looked at the picture. And here is what they did: Taking a perfect Spanish Snack and killing it by taking out the main ingredients, which are:

Pork & Fat

…. and replacing it with tapioca starch, dehydrated potatoes, dehydrated green peas, vegetable oil, salt, spices, and other flavorings (which means probably a lot of chemical sh|t). Don’t the ingredients already let you run the water in your mouth together…

The result is something, like the ingredients would suggest, really disgusting. The company is even calling them “old-style”. There is nothing old style, and there can’t be anything old style as vegetarian chicheron never existed in old days.  I certainly should start selling my toe-nails raw as a delicacy. I did not try them yet, but it can’t be worse than Vegetarian Chicheron. Just that you are aware of that, below a picture how that taste-buds insult looks:

Vegetarian Chicharon

Vegetarian Chicharon

Now, fellow Readers, if you ever come across a “guilt-free” Vegetarian Chicheron, just skip it. If you wanna eat “guit-free”, eat an apple and make a Mango-Banana shake.