While doing some research for my diving-page Philippinen-tauchen.com  I came across a nice article about Verde Island on CDNN and I thought I should share it with you. Here is a part of it…

PUERTO GALERA, Philippines — Verde Island Passage south of Manila has been described as the “centre of the centre” of the world’s marine biodiversity in a joint study by America’s Smithsonian Institute.

Beneath the turquoise waves that funnel nutrients from the Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea are spectacular reef formations of more than 300 species of coral and underwater rock canyons that host nearly 60 percent of the world’s known shorefish species.

“This area can be considered the marine counterpart to the Amazon River basin,” said Kent Carpenter of the World Conservation Union, co-author of the study which put the passage at the peak of the “Coral Triangle” that spans the Sulawesi and the Sulu Seas in the southern Philippines and nearby Indonesia….

see the full story here

The only thing I don’t like is the last part as it is just promotion for a dive-shop, but the rest is a interesting read.