After my Malapascua adventure The Dane, Mike their Girls an I were flying back to Angeles City where we stood 2 days before Kim and me were heading for a Visa Run from Clark to Singapore.

The Dane found a flight for around 100 Dollar with Tiger Air to Singapore. It is very convenient to fly from the Clark Airport and it seems that there is still some american influence as the whole procedure from arriving to departure runs way smoother than in most other destinations in the Philippines.

We had the pleasure to stay in an apartment of Kims friend (who also picked us up at the airport), where (for what ever reason ) I had the room with the only working Aircon. Of course I offered my big danish friend to change the rooms, but he rejected my offer.

After a quick shower we headed to the next MRT Station, bought a 3-day-tourist ticket and drove down to little India to have a snack. I love Indian food and my friend the Dane knew his way around in that area. I can die for all this dips, breads and variety of tastes. Our snack turned out to be bigger than I usually eat in one day and while Kim and Tic Tac were on the way to fulfill a Filipina-dream (Malling in a real country and real Mall abroad) I went back to the apartment to have a rest.

On that evening we went with our host to a wonderful seafood restaurant named Jumbo and had a dinner. That dinner was just like the Indian stuff absolutely gorgeous and I just could not stop eating.

After that feast, we rolled back to the car to hit some Singaporean Nightspots. One very good thing about that dinner was, that I  was so stuffed that there was not much space for beer. So I went almost sober through the night and had a good rest for the next day. Our plan was to hit Santosa Island, a whole Island with several attractions and a great location to spend a whole day of fun and enjoyment… more about my Visa Run from Clark to Singapore the next days…