Maybe “It hurts” is not the right description. I stumbled over a video which I just had to share. It gave me goose bumps and all my hair in my neck went straight up while watching it.

A guy named Steve Gass developed a Table Saw which stops when you put your finger into it.
Yeah man, right, maybe he has steel bones, that would stop the blade ripping of his finger, I thought.

Well Steve, the inventor got a visit from Discovery TV and demonstrated his table saw. I was watching that video now 3 times and it is still a kinda unreal for me. He proofed it with his own finger that the Table Saw really stops.

That saw-stop-module only works once but can be replaced at the cost of about US$ 60. 

That guy has unreal faith in his own creation.

My Grandpa would be happy if that invention came out some 50 years ago. One problem we may have in the Philippines here is that this table saw is not really useful.

Table Saws are mainly used to cut the beef, or at least the Karabow-meat, local butcher try to sell here as beef. You guys living here know what I am talking about…