I just received a mail from Carlos, the owner of ACE Logic computer shop Dumaguete. He apologized for his “service” and I am really impressed about that. With that email he climbed way up high in my character – scale.

I must admit that I also might not have had the best day in my life. I guess several factors just came together. At the end I am happy about that outcome and might be a little more patient on my next approach. Most be the german in me. I want things NOW NA… and I want the 3rd price and not waste my time with negotiating.

In that case again: Respect, Carlo from ACE Logic computer shop in Dumaguete showed style !!!



added Paragraph about ACE Logic computer shop Dumaguete.

since all that happened a lot of days passed. During that time I purchased several monitors, computer and Notebooks from ACE Logic, had quite some repairs done and got always great service.

I never forget when I bought ink, where I got a discount on, but received a text later that I have some credit there as the discount was not enough. My last notebook I bought there was funny also. I told them what I want and got exactly that to a price where no other shop in Dumaguete can compete with. I read occasionally some critics about ACE logic, but find out that many times the description of the problem was not done properly, so the solving is messed up. I did exact the same mistake and almost turned nuts… Well, my fault.

I am gonna continue to patronize Carlo and ACE Logic as I see no reason why I should change the shop I trust, and the shop with the prettiest girls 🙂