I am not into this Kano-Cultural thingies like Halloween or Valentines Day. That’s all a kinda commercial creation for me. I look like Halloween each day anyway and also love all Ladies the whole year around. Flowers belong in the garden and never got a free beer for trick or treat when I accidentally knocked my neighbors door at 4 am after stumbling home, or what I thought it’s home…

Yeah, I took advantage of Valentines Day back in Sabang (Puerto Galera). I went to the bars around 11pm. All girls who had no Valentino that time were deadly sad and hey… I have a BIG Heart…

Now as I became a good buy over the last 38 years I decided that it’s time to make something special. In the Afternoon I sent my GF to the pier to buy some tickets going to Bohol. She and the little one never have been there, so they simply deserved it. Another excuse for that trip is of course my friend was there with his family.

Before I had to set up the sound-system at Edelweiss. My GF and I met after that at around 10:30 pm in Casablanca to hit the road after a cold one there, direction Why Not. The place was packed and we met many friends. The problem with many friends is , that you need to drink some alcoholic beverages. We did pretty well in that and once again we closed the place at around 3:30 am. We were at home at 4 and went straight to sleep for a relaxing 2 hour rest before the trip to Bohol starts.

Summary: Valentines Day… Business as usual

Why in the wide wide world of sport are this ferries going at 7 in the morning… ooops that was my Why question for the day….

Bohol we are coming