The resort mend it good with us and we could not order cold beer so we went to bed around 8:30 pm what is a kind of ok as we needed to be up for our dive at Monad Shoal in the morning at 6:00am to see the Thresher sharks at Monad Shoal.

We had a new guide this day who also gave us a good briefing before the boat departure. The ride to Monad Shoal took about 40 Minutes and the boat anchored on one of the many mooring lines. Monad Shoal has most of the times some surface currents,  so it’s a good thing to be ready when entering the water, either to go down immediately or to hang on the line until the rest is ready to dive.

The mooring-line goes down to about 22 meters. Down at the plateau is no current anymore and the guide navigates us to a cleaner-station where the Thresher Sharks are supposed to come to get their morning cleanup done by cleaner wrasses. Not this time. We were kneeling in the sand for about 35 minutes in 3 different spots but none of this wonderful creatures showed up. The visibility was also rather poor, so we ended the dive rather disappointed.

Back on the boat we decided to skip the afternoon div on the same spot to see the Mantas as it is just no fun to sit in bad visibility watching green soup and staring into the nothing.

Kim and I decided rather to have a walk up and down the beach to gather Information for several web-projects and give the Thresher sharks another try the next morning. The beach of Malapascua is soft with sand and it is a real postcard scene. Life is slow and relaxed.

We found a couple of nice Resorts on our way and will definitely stay in one of them whenever we visit Malapascua Island again.

Here some impressions of our walk.