I just came back from a quick Trip to Bohol where I visited my friend Kim and his lovely family. The Day was originally planned as a lazy day with the feet in the sand and a beer in the hand (wow, that is almost poetry…).

The Bohol-trip was exclusively organized by two tour-manager who did an awesome job in fixing messed up bookings, while the return trip was flnucked up by my lovely personal assistant. ( I promised Kim, Frank and Rechel not to mention their names as it would be unfair as they really did a fantastic make-up job… )

Anyway, the beer needed to wait a bit cause after my arrival was Lunch scheduled at the Bohol-Bee Farm. I have been there a few times and always enjoyed the small tour through the Facility of the Bohol Bee Farm.

We arrived there just ready for lunch and after some table and chair adjustment for our big group we made a kind of bulk order. When we having lunch or dinner in a group it usually ends up that we are ordering way to much food for everybody, put it in the middle of the table and everybody grasps what he wants to eat.

So here is the (I think not complete) order for 10 people (including 2 Kids):

Yoga Salad (Family Size)
Fish Sticks with herb dip
Halang Halang Soup (family size)
Vegetarian Pasta
Seafood Pasta with Coconutmilk
Fresh Herb Pasta

Tropical Pasta
Spaghetti Packages
Buko Pasta
Spaghetti with Shrimp and Tomatoes
Meat Pasta
Curried Pasta

Curried Pasta with Vegetables
Curried Pasta with Chicken
Curried Pasta with Seafood
Honey glazed Chicken

Well, that was a kind of enough food with that much left over that the staff at the Bohol Bee Farm staff had a great Fiesta after closing time. One thing which was a little bit irritating for me is the fact that each dish was decorated with flowers. Everybody tried to convince me to eat them, but I just didn’t wanna eat something like that. Later during our tour the guide explained that they are edible cause the bees don’t die from them … and 5 other reasons…. Hmmm my cat eats mice and flies shi…. YAKS. They don’t die, does that mean it is also healthy for me… no flnucking way. Of course I was a butterfly in my past life at teenager times but I do not need to taste each flower which is passing by, nicely prepared on a plate or not…

….unless of course it looks like this beautiful tasty Oyster, but sadly they did not have this type at the Bohol Bee Farm :

Anyway, the food at the Bohol-Bee-Farm was very delicious and I can recommend it to everybody to stop by there when visiting Bohol. My hot tip is to get some glasses of the Pesto-Spread, it is just too delicious and in the unlikely event there are also flowers in it, at least I couldn’t identify them…