The Chili Bar in Moalboal is probably the place to hang out in the evening. Moalboal is in terms of nightlife pretty limited with only a few watering holes and I actually have no idea where all that online reports about the nightlife come from, but there is not a lot of it.

The Chili Bar is located at the waterfront so you always have a nice little cool breeze from the ocean and it has definitely the best chairs in Moalboal to enjoy your stay. The two pool-tables are in good conditions and the bar seems to have a regular crowd meeting there in the evening.

Chili Bar Moalboal

Our company went to Chili Bar each night and soaked ourselves with some cold beer.  Ok, no cold beer the first view hours, the long brownout that day took care that our plans for a few cold ones were delayed.

The waitresses at Chili Bar are certainly no rocket scientists, but good looking and fun to have a small chat with. One good invention are that little bells the Bar has on the tables and whenever you feel like a refreshment, just ring and one of the staff will be at your table in seconds to take your order.The Bar is well stocked with liquors and the bartender is capable to mix some good drinks, worth their money.

Bar at Chili Bar Moalboal

Food at Chili Bar

The menu at Chili Bar has a nice variety, missing only a bit more finger-food dishes. Our company tried several with mixed results. The Goulash soup actually tasted like a perfect bolognaise sauce but was from Goulash Soup as far away as the Philippines winning the soccer world-cup.

Goulash Soup

But then the Chili Bar Pizza arrived…

What can I say about that, it was simply mouthwatering… a thin tasty crust and tasty toppings prepared to perfection. That Pizza is one of the best (if not that absolute best) I ever had in the Philippines. The favorite was the Chili Special for 240 Peso only. On the first evening they didn’t have any ground beef and the Pizza was already the top choice of our group.

The next two evening the Chili Special was our snack of choice and there was always a new one ordered when the last slice on the table was eaten. The kitchen at Chili Bar in Moalboal takes the last order at midnight what is also pleasant; we all know that this is the time where a snack is needed before the beer affects ones mind too much.

Chili Bar Pizza

All that Restaurant Chefs in Dumaguete should go for a trip to Chili Bar to take a course how to make outstanding Pizza for little money. Whatever stupid excuses I will hear in the future in Dumaguete will be hammered down and declared as bullshit, probably with the bad footnote about their cooking skills. Cheap Pizza chains excluded…

The Bar is closing normally at 1:30 in the morning, but with some good will and extra tipping before closing time, the staff was convinced to feed our thirsty souls a few hours longer.

Moalboal Chili Bar

All together the Chili Bar is a great watering hole to hang out with friends for a drink or seven with awesome Pizza in a central location in Moalboal.