ACE logic is a very well known Computer Shop in Dumaguete. I was thinking the best … but that was somewhen last year. My friend Kim always used the service of that company and was happy. When I needed some things I also went there. Usually ACE Logic had good service and fast delivery.

Those positive points changed dramatically. April this year I asked for a quotation for a complete new setup of a desktop. It took me 3 follow up mails to ACE Logic and 2 calls. Finally I got one end of may. All the hardware was 8.000 Pesos more expensive than the same stuff on a retail list of Computershops and supplier in Cebu or Manila.

After some discussions with Carlo, the owner and Manager of ACE Logic we came a bit closer to a price I was willing to pay and we finally did the deal…

Yesterday I loocked around in Dumaguete as I want a second 22″ Monitor. I went to several Computer Shops in Dumaguete. When I went to ACE, they gave me a again a price 1.000 peso higher than one of their direct competitor for the same model. I told Carlo that that might be a bit over the top and if he can adjust the price a little bit and he gave me amazing 200 !!!! (two hundred) Peso discount. And this after I spend some “not that little money” just a few weeks earlier.

I smiled a bit and asked him if that is all you can do. His customer-friendly and real great answer was: “Yes, just go to the other shop and buy it there … ”

Nothing more to say, diba?

additional note… don’t forget to read the second (short) part of this story, which is basically the reason why I return to ACE Logic on and on. That is what I call great response