I don’t know if it is political correct to make a website for an 8 year old girl with the website address www.picture-monster.com, but to be honest, I absolutely don’t care. I bought this domain and weather Daisy will use it for her diary, it is mine and I would have other ideas with it if she is losing interest (what I definitely don’t believe)

The name picture monster comes from my friend Kim, also known as the Beermonster when meeting Daisy a long time ago while she was taking hundreds of pictures about just everything and thousand more of herself… of course she is Filipina…

The primary reason why I bought the domain is simple. I want to introduce her early to work with a computer, starting with simple tasks like writing small stuff in Word, learning how to “play” around with pictures (color management, cropping, and and and) … just to make her familiar with the way things are working; to teach her how to write things (yeah I know I am not the best in it, but still about 17,63 times better than the crap some people try to teach about computer at local education facilities to students)

For the moment she writes some stuff and I will upload it in her diary. In a few weeks I will teach her how to do that by herself. Mama and I are controlling it but do not take any influence on her style to write and express herself.

If she stays interested I am sure that it will be a great diary when she looks back in a few years. Additional I am thinking to include some small advertising on the page. Each single centavo it would earn goes into a bank account where Daisy has access when she is 18.  I do believe that this fund can fulfill quite some of her dreams then in 9 years, when she reaches that age.

Daisy just started 1 week ago it takes her a time to find all the letters on a keyboard and the right words, but it is great to watch her enthusiasm. For sure much better and more useful than watching Wowowee and all that useless waste of time on TV… ooops I forgot, we don’t have a TV at home anyway ?