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My Kids on Siquijor in 1 Day

Some of you may know by now that my Missus has 2 lovely kids. While they are physically not mine, they are my absolute pride. They both developed into great young adults with each of them developing a great personality. On a little bit quieter the other one a little bit showier. They start living their own life and it is awesome to watch that they get along more than fine. read more

Once Again

So once again I am sitting in an airport in front of a gate waiting to board tan AirAsia flight which brings me back to the Philippines. And once again I am looking forward to see my missus and the two monsters.  And once gain it is harder to think about how long I have to stay in Dumaguete until the next trip. In that many years I am in the Philippines it gets just more and more depressing to see how that country is just going backwards all the time. If I would not be for the two kids where I promised to take care of as long as it takes to get them a good education or an appropriate job, I certainly would have wrapped up all, pack my missus and would be gone. read more

Happy Birthday Daisy

Happy Birthday Daisy, and all the best

For those who are not that familiar with me and don’t know us, Daisy is our little Monster turning ten today. She is Rechels daughter and “joined our small family some years ago. Ever since, she just brings a lot of joy to simply everybody who meets her. Now with ten years a little teenager, I am well aware that she will become a pain in the back in a few years. The cool thing is, she is pretty smart, learns quick (specially the bad examples i give her) and even better, while I will take her out to the discos, Rechel will try to avoid that with all her strength … hehehe. read more

Rhoodys Personality

Well I stumbled over some personality test and as they wrote it only takes 2 minutes, I was wondering how they can figure out Rhoodys personality in a couple of minutes. Well I just post the result in here, it seems to be not too far from the reality, where the Agreeableness is my favorite answer: read more

Daisy the Picture Monster

I don’t know if it is political correct to make a website for an 8 year old girl with the website address

I am scared of the future

Maybe I will build a electric fence around my home, or look on ebay for some of this self-defensiv shooting thingies I can install on the walls and fences.

My visit in Tacloban part 2

He is already 2 years late in his studies, instead of grade 5 this coming school year he just in grade 3 if possible that he has a chance to go to school…

Rhoodys Project UHU

Rhoodys way from AHU to UHU, or a life without SMB. A try to loose 15 to 20 kilos in 2 Month. An intersting Experiment for me and my surrounding

Monopoly in the Philippines

I guess most of you valuable reader know that great board-game “Monopoly”. I think this board game is not really known in the Philippines.

Monopoly has that action-card: “Go to Jail… don’t pass go….” transfering that to the PI and make it simple and understandable it would be : Go from A to B …. don’t do anything else, be focused on the task. read more

Tasteless Status Symbol

Shark fin soup and shark fin siomai are popular dishes in many parts of the Philippines, as in the rest of East Asia. The truth is shark fin—which is nothing more than collagen—has no taste.