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Dumaguete website – clowns

I am sitting on a real stormy day here on Siquijor and listen to the waves while my open water student tries to get familiar with the Recreational – Dive – Planner. As he also needs to finish some more studying I took the time and logged on the WIFI Net at Kiwi Dive Resort to check my mails. read more

Doing it again? … I dont know

I haven’t posted a lot last month, some work kept me fairly busy and I really don’t know if it was worth it. I was trying to organize a fundraising event in Dumaguete and all I feel now 3 days later is frustration. I know I did some mistakes while organizing it, but what disappoints me more is that 99% of the people who told me “wow, what a great idea” did not show up and again just a lot of hot air of most of them. read more