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Monopoly in the Philippines

I guess most of you valuable reader know that great board-game “Monopoly”. I think this board game is not really known in the Philippines.

Monopoly has that action-card: “Go to Jail… don’t pass go….” transfering that to the PI and make it simple and understandable it would be : Go from A to B …. don’t do anything else, be focused on the task. read more

new testpost without reason

sitting at Mikes with a good friend of mine and talking about stolen boats , fish and Dumagueteinfo.
to show him how fast he can have some thoughts online.

Why are we talking about stolen boats? Mike, a good friend of mine is searching for his dive-Banka. It is most likely stolen and there are even suspects but I don’t see much hope to be honest… read more

Tasteless Status Symbol

Shark fin soup and shark fin siomai are popular dishes in many parts of the Philippines, as in the rest of East Asia. The truth is shark fin—which is nothing more than collagen—has no taste.

Dumaguete website – clowns

I am sitting on a real stormy day here on Siquijor and listen to the waves while my open water student tries to get familiar with the Recreational – Dive – Planner. As he also needs to finish some more studying I took the time and logged on the WIFI Net at Kiwi Dive Resort to check my mails. read more

Doing it again? … I dont know

I haven’t posted a lot last month, some work kept me fairly busy and I really don’t know if it was worth it. I was trying to organize a fundraising event in Dumaguete and all I feel now 3 days later is frustration. I know I did some mistakes while organizing it, but what disappoints me more is that 99% of the people who told me “wow, what a great idea” did not show up and again just a lot of hot air of most of them. read more