I guess most of you valuable reader know that great board-game “Monopoly”. I think this board game is not really known in the Philippines.

Monopoly has that action-card: “Go to Jail… don’t pass go….” transfering that to the PI and make it simple and understandable it would be : Go from A to B …. don’t do anything else, be focused on the task.

After 8 years in this wonderful country I still use my daily “Why ?”-Question in the first few minutes after waking up, so the rest of the day is just accepting what is happening. While a couple of years ago my blood-preasure was slightly raising, I am pretty calm by now and most of the time I just smile and shake my head.

3 days ago the chain of my bike cracked while riding. As it was close to home, I pushed the bike home and went to sleep. Next day I went to one of the biggest shops witch my broken chain and asked for a replacement telling the model and showing my old chain. They had one and as the shop is known for good service I went home just to find out that the replacement was about 15 cm too short.

No problem, there is another day and I can change that…. So next morning 9am Rhoody was standing in front of the salesman and explaining that the chain need to be extended. He said “no problem, Sir.” I left my broken one as a sample there and came back in the afternoon, just to find everything exactly in the position I left it that morning.

No, my “Why ?” question was already used so I smiled and asked if there is a problem. “Sir, you need to buy the extension”. “Errm… I am pretty much aware that chains don’t grow on the tree and I can just pick them, sure I buy it, that’s what we were talking about this morning… ” “ok Sir, come back tomorrow…”

“NO man… I will watch you doing it right now and will take it home when you are finished”

“Sir you have to buy it first”

“Ok ..,. how much”

“I don’t know yet”

“So how can I buy if you don’t …. nah, forget it. give me a 2nd new chain and you use as much you need”

“Ok, SIr”

6 Minutes Later I was on the way home with my new chain, exatly how I need it, plus about 1,20 meter chain brandnew what I can use for torturing the street-dogs around. The whole 2 day drama had a value of 700 Peso plus 4 trike-rides.

Now I am about to create the “Go to Jail” action card with Photoshop, where all advices,commands,tasks will be written axactly and accurate… The only thing I fear is, if I write something like:”make new chain exactly like sample” somebody would most likely take a hammer and smash it until it has the same cracks as the old broken one.