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Nice driver or Bastos Bastard

Hi!!! i am miss Secret, i just want to voice out something…. its already long time i kept inside me…

i observe and i also experience that some driver don’t care if they abuse some people around them, as long as they drive and earn money…. read more

Dumaguete website – clowns

I am sitting on a real stormy day here on Siquijor and listen to the waves while my open water student tries to get familiar with the Recreational – Dive – Planner. As he also needs to finish some more studying I took the time and logged on the WIFI Net at Kiwi Dive Resort to check my mails. read more

Village-idiot or Mr. Clean, who knows

Sometimes I just wonder what is going on in peoples mind. Recently we had some stupid posts on by a guy who is very obvious not a happy fellow. Many of our users were not that happy with that guy and used a function called “reputation”. His reputation level got that deep in the red that he couldn’t post anymore.  read more

Rhoody-thoughts pt1

why Rhoody does what he do... some insight views part one