Sometimes I just wonder what is going on in peoples mind. Recently we had some stupid posts on by a guy who is very obvious not a happy fellow. Many of our users were not that happy with that guy and used a function called “reputation”. His reputation level got that deep in the red that he couldn’t post anymore. 

He cried like a little kid after a wave destroys the sandcastle. He was running around and yelling everywhere: ” Rhoody is so bad, I am banned, I am banned….”

Hey Idiot, you are not banned, you just disqualified yourself…. and it was not my decision…

That Village-idiot tried to log in with different names and got caught by our filters (and the Mod-Team). The baseline  is simple. The users of DI decided that they don’t want the Village-Idiot on DI and stated that clearly in their given reputations, no matter what name he is using…

The Village-Idiot tried after that to send private mails to people, what was also not that successful
The Village-Idiot asked his friends to post his shit for him, what also did not work out..
The Village-Idiot posts on other boards with 3 different names and talks literally to himself how bad things and of course the Partners of Dumgueteinfo are…. and guess what all 3 agree to each other…

Thinking about it, I think the term Village – idiot is a bit hard….
Let’s call him Mr. Clean.

Mr. Clean earns his monthly income in helping to destroy the environment.
Mr. Clean is a racist who hates Americans and Asians.
Mr. Clean hates philippino food.
Mr. Clean hates also Philippinos and their families.
Mr. Clean hates progress and development
Mr. Clean tells everybody how “shite” everything in Dumaguete is.
Mr. Clean is the opinion that we (the DI-Team) are responsible for destroying Negros and the Philippines.
Mr. Clean chases girls behind the back of his girlfriend AND brings them down.

I actually think everybody should know at least one Village-Idiot, errrm I mean Mr. Clean, just to have a bad example and to realize how good the own life is.