I am sitting on a real stormy day here on Siquijor and listen to the waves while my open water student tries to get familiar with the Recreational – Dive – Planner. As he also needs to finish some more studying I took the time and logged on the WIFI Net at Kiwi Dive Resort to check my mails.

I got an invitation mail on one of my accounts to join the biggest webpage about Dumaguete…. Hmmm, I always thought I am a partner of it, so I became quite interested in that.

The page I ended is so awful that it really made me smile a lot. A total spamming idiot who was a while ago nothing else than annoying on www.Dumagueteinfo.com started a page on a free host and tells each new guest how fantastic the side is. Most of the info’s are just copy past from other sites (including DI) and many other information are just wrong. That poor little loney -toon’s horizon goes exactly from Coco Amigos to Happy Freds and back to Sibulan when the Sun goes down. His knowledge about Dumaguete is unreal low but he belongs to that group of people who are knowing everything about anything.

After  I whipped the tears from my eyes (from laughing) I logged into one of the social networks I signed up for and saw another invitation a new webpage about  the Philippines. That page has one content page and a free forum. The owners are since a few month in that country but do know nothing about the PI. They did a 3 day trip to Manila and went once to Apo Island.

That was enough for my online session at that time. I do understand if Kids or students have a project and need to do something useless. But we talk here about adult persons. Are they really so stupid? I just don’t get it. I don’t talk about things I don’t know and try to convince others that this crap is the truth. It is just sad that this website-clowns are just confusing readers and people with interest in the area…

Hmmm I guess I go back to my student and teach him Dive-Planning. Nevertheless, I bookmarked those pages, so if I need a good laugh again I can find them again, as they don’t show up anywhere in google.