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Rhoodys Project UHU

A week ago or so I was writing about depression or something… It all happened in the middle of a cold or fever I caught. Being sick and feeling dizzy all the time just turned out to go into the second week now. I already feel way better than before and made my first short trips into Dumaguete for some hours.
I can’t explain how I feel being trapped at home. I need to be out and roaming around, meeting people and having fun.

During all that time at home I tried to be a bit healthy and did not drink any SMB. I finally  bought a scale for my bathroom (after 1.5 years) just to find out what I knew anyway… Fmucking hell, I am getting way too fat. … I still can see “my little Rhoody” while taking a wee without bending forward but it’s time to start the Project UHU.

UHU means simply “Under HUndret” and is in direct relationship to my weight…  so what is involved in that project?

First is no SMB for a while, water and coke light will do.
Plenty of vegetables and fruit, to get my daily Vitamins and all that crap… (I hate taking vitamin-pills and stuff in a country where there are fresh Mango, Banana,Pinapple,Coconut  and much more.)
Eating small portions… I am normally a plate licker… no matter how full my plate is, I will finish it completely. I won’t leave one rice corn on it (normally no need to wash my dishes…)
I’ll do some workout to get my boobs in better shape again, my shoulders even wider (six pack won’t work out with me)
and I’ll do some more stuff to get back on gwapo-track

UHU is about halftime of what I plan to reach in the next 2 month.  I may have some days in between, where I am going out and eat all I can just satisfy my brain. No Rhoody can life on that healthy stuff over a period of 2 month.

A funny sidenote. I was drinking way too much when I was going out, I am pretty aware of that. I was suspecting some kind of problems with stopping SMB. I did not go out each evening, but about 3-4 times a week, so I count myself as a kind of alcoholic. But guess what, I don’t feel  any difference or any demand that I need a beer now. I was with good friends at Mikes place yesterday and stuck to Coke-light without problems.

Guess I am just a stubborn german fat fart, hehe. It’s about 250 hours without SMB and the only problem I had were the complaints of some local places that they can’t pay the salaries due to lacking income. I’ll keep you posted how Rhoody’s project UHU will continue.

4 Responses to Rhoodys Project UHU

  • thedude says:

    Back on your Gwapo track? Sorry to burst your bubble, but you are going to need way more help than “UHU” to get back to gwapo. Damn, now when I go to Mike’s I will have to order two cokes. One for the Filipina and one for Rhoody. Maybe you can just cut down to one SMB night as opposed to cutting them out completely. 😉 That’s basically what I do, I generally only go out one night a week.

  • Rhoody says:

    I always have enough arguments to be gwapo in my pocket… hehe
    I actually don’t care if I am, as long the chicks adore me… hehe

  • Maldita says:

    hey,, papa, sure you can loss weight as long as you are honest to your diet roles hehehe…
    as of mine. i dont take it so serious coz i know that next few days i will be busy eating more and more agian as i visit my son in Leyte.
    i cross my fingers that you can do it,, as like before you loss 15 kilos…
    and i always make only salad, sandwich, fruits shakes.. some corn flakes with milk…
    when im back, we do it together,,as i feel i gane some weight now… so im getting not sexy anymore kawawa ako… coz a lot of chicks adore you more.. much more as i do….

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