I haven’t posted a lot last month, some work kept me fairly busy and I really don’t know if it was worth it. I was trying to organize a fundraising event in Dumaguete and all I feel now 3 days later is frustration. I know I did some mistakes while organizing it, but what disappoints me more is that 99% of the people who told me “wow, what a great idea” did not show up and again just a lot of hot air of most of them.

Maybe I am to sentimental but guys, stick your nice words up your ass !!! I don’t need them and your lies and please don’t expect any kind of respect of my side for you in the future…

Here some names I am really thankful for what they did and how they supported me and the idea:

First of all 3 people without them I would not have the energy to do anything.

My Rechel, her lovely daughter Daisy and my friend and business-partner Kim. Your support keeps me going and doing things I do (if they are good or bad, I do not know…) I am so thankful and I hope I can give a lot back in the next month and years.  

Mike Feeney who never got tired to entertain all (or should I say the few) guests during the event.

Fely the wife of the other host (who got drunk the first day and remained to be unseen for the rest of the time).

All musicians and technicians and helpers  who did a great job until early in the morning hours. I can’t remember all names of the visitors who came there to help and enjoyed the hours with us. Thank you all.

Do I wanna organize something again? To be honest, I don’t know. Probably yes, but I don’t think it will be in Dumaguete. Let’s see when a bit time goes by The whole thingy jus costs too much energy for me and my little family. At crunch-time I had not enough time for Daisy, my little-little one and found her a couple of times with very sad eyes. That won’t happen again, promise…

The money we raised might be enough to make some Kids smiling, I will throw some 10K into the fund to make the number higher. In the future I may just grasp (like I did before) some of the Kids and take them to the doctor, buy some school stuff or help in another way. 

Yeah, I am tired…