It’s been long time that I logged on to make the continuation of my report of my visit in Tacloban. Its just make me feel bad because its make me more thinking of my son.

it seems like my son is just here with me, because when I was  passing at the public market, the young boy  vendor  want to sell some rags  and native fan ,he’s eye are showing  of  bagging  and so emotionally.

The young vendor is about in my son’s age, I don’t want to buy  any of  the sale item he have ,but  I  also ask how much per small round rag he have and also big rags, as a start of our conversation. We had small talk, I ask him if he sold  out more of this rags ,  how long he is on the street selling  those things and some personal questions…All  of  my questions he answered.

When I get home , while I’m  arranging  all of my plastic bags from shopping ,suddenly  the rag vendor boy came to my mind, his answer and stories about why he do the summer job. Instead of having summer class or enjoy his summer vacations from the school..

It made me thinking more about my son, because the rag vendor helps  his Family  for there every day  living ..  They are five kids in the family, he is the second.

He is already 2 years late in  his studies, instead of grade 5 this coming school year he just in grade 3 if  possible that he has a chance to go to school…

All the stories he had as a little kid helping their parents, I also experience that as older sister in the Family, I grow up as helper of my grandmother for everything.  She build me into a hard working  kid, she  teach me how to take care of the house  and selling food on the street, also to take care of our small fast   food in our barangay, in Tacloban. We sale   barbecue in the public market each night  and sometime I cant go to school because I’m so tired and don’t have enough sleep, a reason why my grades are not that good.

Same as the little boy vendor, when I’m in his age too I don’t have enough time to play, enjoy being  a kid.  I consider  that this boy is luckier because at least he is with his parents and the whole family is just there…  this boy  make’s  me feel  lonely that at the moment  I’m so far to my son, that I cant see how he is,  and help him for what he needs..  My son is the reason why I visit in Tacloban.

I know there is not so much about my trip to Tacloban, just some thoughts crossed my mind while sitting here. I promise that the other parts Tripreport to Tacloban and Manila will continue… some when soon

Truly your