Some of you may know by now that my Missus has 2 lovely kids. While they are physically not mine, they are my absolute pride. They both developed into great young adults with each of them developing a great personality. On a little bit quieter the other one a little bit showier. They start living their own life and it is awesome to watch that they get along more than fine.

My boy is working as a young chef at the moment in a resort in Siquijor, the first time he is for weeks away from home. First a new thrilling experience, then a bit homesick, still biting his way through. The makulit one is working out in our office here but being with me nine hours a day is not always like a trip to Disneyland. 



Anyway, she wanted to visit her brother, worked overtime to make the trip to Siquijor to visit her brother for a day. As he has been there for a few weeks, he was pretty familiar with the island and probably a perfect tour guide.

He picked her up at the port and the trip around the Island of Siquijor started immediately. Check out how much fun they had in the following video, which I call:

Siquijor in 1 Day

I hope it didn’t bore you too much. I can watch it almost in a loop for an hour and it makes me smile all the time. It is for me just great to see them happy, doing what they do, respecting and loving each other.

Anyway, they are a bunch of cool kidz as you can see when they toured Siquijor in 1 day. So, if you see them around, feel free to say hello, invite them for a coffee and tell them that you watched their video. Don’t forget to click the thumbs up if you watched it on YouTube and if you can’t get enough of the little makulit lady, subscribe for the channel.

Cheers Rhoody