Hayahay is a very famous Open Air Restaurant in Dumaguete. The variety of food reaches from fresh sea-food to different local dishes and good Pizza. They have three -. If you wanna use them, better give them a call and make a reservation. The baked Talaba (Oyster) for 120 Peso is a must-try. The beer-prices are around 30 peso and the food has a good value for the price. Pizza is in the range 180 – 260 Peso. All fish and seafood is fresh and you can choose your crabs and lobster from the tank.

Hayahay is also well known for good life music. Wednesday is the day where all Dumaguete Rastafari go to listen to some bands including the local heroes ENCHI. Thursday is acoustic night with Allen who also plays some sets on friday in exchange with a band where i forgot the name. It is the day for smooth jazzy pop. Saturday are some louder tunes around when there is the Rock night.

One thing I recognized at the last visit is that Hayahay seems to charge a kind of foreigner or longnose tax of 4 %. I mentioned it to the waitress and asked what it is and she said government tax. As there are NO 4% government tax in the Philippines I asked again. She blushed (what is very rare in  the PI) and walked away. Another waiter came and said I don’t have to pay it !?! Also funny that the day before I was visiting Hayahay and had 3 beer at the bar and paid 90 peso. There was no government or long-nose tax on that. It is also not mentioned anywhere in the menu that there is a government tax ox service charge. … Or it is just a price-rise for foreigners ??? 

 It is not about the 4 %, I just don’t like if guys who eat and drink a lot, get charged extra on top of it. Maybe we should also occupy 2 big tables with 8 people and drink 2 Red Horse grande in 5 hours, but order a bucket of ice each 15 minutes.  

Still a great Hang-Out, I will follow up with Sande the manager why, what and when this 4% are charged and when not…