This is a testpost about Video and Photo studio in Dumaguete. Is has several reasons. For now I just make a test about a new plug in I am using, so I need to write something.  The Photo and Video issue is not that wild, as I need occasionally a professional photographer for some of my projects.

Like some know I was involved with the Octoberfest last year in Dumaguete. I wanted a video Coverage of that event and also someone who takes photo. I had enough to organize and didn’t want to run around to take all the shots by myself.

The Video was no problem as I could rely on a local TV-company who showed up and for some food and free beer they recorded  all and made me a nice DVD.

The  photo-shooting was another issue. I only have a cheap digital camera and the flash does not lite up enough that everything further than 5 meters is dark and blur. I looked online for a Photoshop or Photostudio in Dumaguete but all I got as result were some Sulit crap adds and some stuff from Cebu. So I ended up taking the pictures by myself.

It was a good thing that a fiend of mine came with his huge digital camera where probably all local professional Photographer will dream of and was taking hundreds of great shots for me.  So at the end I had 3 CD from a semi professional photographer and a Video from a local TV Station in Dumaguete. So at the end I had what I wanted.

If you, dear reader, wonder what crap Rhoody is writing here, it is simply a test if my new plug in works and how fast I can rank in Google for Photo and Video or Photostudio and photoshop in Dumaguete. After ranking I will delete it again. If you read until here I really have respect, Drop me a line I owe you a beer for that patience. And keep in mind I am NOT a Photographer or own a photo and video studio in Dumaguete.