Chatting on Yahoo is a real big thing in the Philippines. I found the following conversation on a Internet-Forum. To keep the original poster in the back-ground I changed the name to Paul and the girls name to .. hmmm : girl

For human beings without experience in the Philippines it sounds totally unreal and faked but I can ensure, that you will hear that kind of stories about ghosts and all that crap almost daily when living here in the biggest catholic community (%-wise) worldwide.

I did not edit anything, next to the names and”oo” means yes

girl : u know what in in angeles
girl : where the girls stayed
girl : theres a ghost in the house
girl : that scared
Paul : where is the stay- in?
girl : yes
girl : yes
Paul : have you seen it ??
girl : and that ghost wants to get in into the body of some girls there
girl : yes
Paul : really
girl : oo
girl : thats why im scared
Paul : and what will it do if it gets into some of the girls ??
girl : the soul of the girl out and ghost get in…
Michael : really ??
girl : oo
Paul : what is walking in the wind ??
girl : like they are flauting
Paul : floating?
girl : oo
Paul : kk
Paul : and you’ve seen it?
girl : yes
Paul : wow
Paul : is it a man or a woman ??
girl : any
girl : theres a man and woman
Paul : there is more then one ?
girl : yes
Paul : why are they there ????
girl : one of the girl who can talk with the spirits and they said they live there and we should not be noisy
girl : and the voice of that spirit is so deferrent…its like an evil voice
Paul : talaga
girl : oo
Paul : so I gather you girls don’t have many parties at your stay-in diba?
girl : i believe on it because i see
girl : oo
girl : before some girls dont believe so they keep on laughing
girl : but just this past 2 days 5 girls are victim
Paul : victim of what ??
girl : and because it happen ,…mostly of the girl want to saty out
girl : stay out
Paul : what happened to the 5 girls?
girl : like i said to ou…the spirits get in to there body
girl : and it was happen in bar
girl : in carousel
Paul : what did the spirits do while they are in the girls??
girl : the girl get out of there mind they will hurt someone…
girl : because they are very strong
girl : even 5 poeple cant stop it
girl : only the holy water
Paul : what about holy water ??
girl : and if the girl cant survived,…they will die
girl : holy water comes from the church
Paul : ok
girl : yes that true
Paul : kk
Paul : so what happened to the 5 girls??
Paul : are they ok now ?
girl : yes..
Paul : good
girl : i have another story
Paul : how were they saved?
Paul : ok what ??
girl : theirs a girl in bar that admired by unliving poeple
girl : u know what i mean?
Paul : theirs a girl in the bar that undead really like ??
girl : that girl was raped by man from other side of world
girl : world
Paul : what ????
girl : yes thats true
Paul : how ?
girl : hard to believe because u didnt see it
Paul : hummmm
Paul : what happened to the girl ??
Paul : is she ok ?
girl : she got pregnant….
girl : she didnt know why
girl : she is still a cherry
Paul : talaga
girl : oo
Paul : when will she have her baby?
girl : for human we have to wait 9 months to give birth
Paul : 0o
girl : but in there case they have to wait only for 9 days
girl : they are powerfull
girl : to do it
Paul : so she got pregnant and had a baby 9 days later?
girl : no
girl : she abort that….
Paul : ahhhh ok
Paul : wow
girl : yes
girl : unbelievable
girl : but in a province it can be
Paul : I C
girl : you believe in witchcraft?
girl : they are true
Paul : never thought about it really
girl : they can kill
girl : they are harmfull
girl : me i do
girl : sence i have my baby on my stomach
Paul : ??
Paul : what you mean ??
girl : everynight i cant sleep…
girl : because they stay near on me
girl : they want to get my baby
Paul : who does?
girl : they are human at the day but they are not human at night
Paul : ahhh aswang ??
Paul : diba?
girl : oo
girl : how do u know?
Paul : they are females
girl : hahahaha
girl : not all
Paul : talaga??
Paul : I thought all Aswangs were females?
girl : no
girl : males and females
Paul : kk
Paul : so when do you sleep if not at night ??
girl : da
girl : day
Paul : ahh kk
Paul : you are a good mother
girl : of corse…all mother dont want to get by anybody there baby
Paul : I C
girl : i have to go now…

…. and I need to remind you again, that is NOT a faked story…..

WARNING:   Don’t laugh, giggle or smile!!!

I did not believe the girl and laughed about the story. Now the ghosts were in my house and I am pregnant…