Here I lay again, in my wonderful hammock in my veranda in lovely Dumaguete. It’s about 6 pm and I need too get my high blood down. High blood, why ? … cause I am flrnucking pissed off with some persons at the Globe Office in Dumaguete and the great job of the “service”hotline…

Since 1:16 pm I am offline. Hey no problem, I know I am in a 3rd word – oh pardon, I mean of course developing country, so internet is not a given thing. I had more or less something like a connection since I moved here and was able to do my work most of the time (never with even close to the speed that liar selling and charging). What pisses me off is when Globeline office clerks, branch managers and “hotline”-employees just lying into my face to get rid of THEIR clients… So what happened …

I went to the fancy office of the Globe branch in Dumaguete which is notoriously understaffed and only 2 out of 4 desks are occupied. After an hour or so I went to the cashier and ask them for a discount as I only get about 30 – 40 % of the speed I am supposed to pay for. The answer I got was what I expected anyway…

Sir, you need to write a complaint, I can’t do anything, I am only the cashier…” Funny that the same girl was the other day sitting on the information-chair and responsible for the complaints.

Ok miss,I wont write anything, please bring me a responsible person I can talk to…

Sorry Sir, our Manager is out of the house”… poor little girl does not know that I know the manager…

ermm, Miss, please don’t bola me (local term for bullshit me), Mrs XXX walked in 30 Minutes ago and sits exactly on the chair behind that wall….

… after some surprised big eyes and a quick blush cause of getting caught plain lying, that office Clerk of Globelines stood up and talked to the Manager who appeared another 5 Minutes later.

Hello Mrs XXX, nice to see you …. Blablabla” so here I told my story again.

I got a ridiculous discount of 15%… It simply means, I need to pay 85% but that Internet Service provider Globe in Dumaguete only delivers 30 – 40 % .

WOW, that’s great, next time I got an open water course I give 10% discount throw my student once in the Banica River and course done….
Totally ridiculous for running professional business !!!

But hey, at least they have enough money to put some posters up if somebody in Silliman makes an anniversary – fart…. “Globlines… taste of the world-stay connected”

To my total excitement Mrs XXX told me that the upgrade of their Globe internet Service in Dumaguete is done since last week and since then they had no complaints…
Another big lie as at the same time on the desk next to me a customer demanded (with a very red head) a refund cause of a non-existing high-speed-internet connection….

That’s a kind of the end of part one. So let’s make a summary of the “customer-care” of Globe Internet Service provider in Dumaguete:

• Keep your office understaffed (more than one hour waiting makes complainers that they just wanna go out)
• Pass on responsibilities (no sir not my department, you need to write a complaint)
• Lie to your guests (no sir not in the house yet…)
• Charge 85% but only deliver 30-40% (not even counting the 5 days offline after the flooding)
• Lie again… (net has been upgraded and working fine since last week…)
• And lie again (Sir, we have no complaints… while a customer next desk demands a refund due to NO Internet-service from Globe)

Bollocks … people spend thousands of dollars when moving to a place partially based of the lies of this ridiculous Globe office clerks and their in Dumaguete Branch with empty promises that there is Internet service available…
I still wouldn’t have high blood if that would all… part two will follow soon and includes the Globe Hotline and more lies from Globe Internet Service Provider in Dumaguete (including more hot Air and lame excuses in the email communication)

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