Welcome to my Diving Blog about the Philippines. As most of my friends call me Dive-Monster I thought this is a good idea for a Blog-name. I wish you a lot of fun on my page and I hope you enjoy the stay on my site.
Here are some Information in what country I am. 

The Philippines are with their 7.107 Islands still non of the classical dive destinations, but is already well known as a paradise for divers. Because of the long distance from Europe or the United States the archipelago is still a relaxing place unlike most dive-destinations in Thailand, the Red Sea or around Cozumel.
The Philippinesare a dream for divers and not many wishes stay open. You want to see Pygmy-Seahorses, Mandarin fish, Nudibranches Ghostpipefish or love to submerge into untouched coral-garden? Walls going down into the Abyss, hunting Barracudas and big Tunas make the heart of each diver beat faster. If you want to go Wreck-diving you can find two great destinations. One fleet lays in Coron, the other in Subic Bayin diveable depth. Also don’t forget the Walesharks in Donsol or you join a dive-trip to the Tubbataha Reef.

The tropical climate is basically ruled by two seasons. The north-east-monsun (Amihan) and southwest-monsun (Habagat).

 Diving is all around the year possible and only a few regions are limited to several month of the year. If Beginner, professional photographer or Tec-diver, the opportunities are almost endless. The water temperature rarely drops below 25C/65F and the visibility can reach up to 50 meter (160 ft). Even in bad conditions you will have 5meter/16feet.
Many divesites in the Philippines are protected areas, so called:`Marine Sanctuaries‘. The known reefs in the Philippines are covering an area of more then 34.000 km2 and the variety of the underwater species is known as the largest in the world. the philippine government and the local communities running different programs to protect the reefs and aquatic life.

There are four main regions (group of Islands) in the Philippines. Luzon in the north with the capital Manilais the starting point for many vacations. From here you reach easily the well known divespots of Puerto Galera, Anilao or Subic Bay.
If you arrive in Cebu you are in the Visayas, the central groups of Islands in the Philippines. Usually you need another short transfer (organized by your Resort or Hotel) to reach your final destination like the well known diving areas of Dumaguete, Moalboal, Apo Island or Bohol with Balicasag Island

Mindanao and Palawan in the south and west, are still a kind of blank spots on the diving maps, but enthusiastic international investors are building an infrastructure to get around easily. Places like El Nido, the Coron Wrecks and Puerto Princesa as a starting point for live abroad trips to the Tubbataha Reef making Palawan worth to visit.
If you plan your trip independently you will find out that the watches in the Philippines run a bit slower. Everything takes a bit more time, but you will reach your destination without any troubles in a safe way. Philippinosare very proud but also very friendly people. Almost everybody speaks english and is happy to help a “long-nose”
Don’t miss one of the countless Fiestas. If you are invited to a family-reunion, don’t hesitate to follow the invitation. There is only one thing we need to warn you:

ATTENTION, don’t get addicted to the Philippines