After spending some days of deep meditation inside my guestroom in Angeles I was mentally and physically prepared and back on track to have a look how 2009 really looks like outside my 4 walls. I could not recognize any changes. The girls were busy in the kitchen to help “Iron Chef-Beermonster” to prepare dinner. The basement for each of his outstanding delicious dishes is 3 to 4 metric tons of garlic and onions in a ratio 2:1. Usually 3 girls need around 5 hours of hard focused work to peel  and slice the needed amounts for the Iron Chef. As I love those ingredients, there is no doubt that it will be a fantastic meal for me.

Occasionally the Iron Chef appears and after a 2 second look at the trays he comments: more garlic!…

When everything is done to an appropriate amount he starts thinking about what the final ingredient will be…. Usually chicken in various styles. Side dishes may include rice, chili, garlic bread and more chili.

The poor kitchen helper washed their hands with oxalic acid after finishing cooking  to get them cleaned properly from the garlic-smell, knowing that the next trucks will deliver more before lunch-time.

Don’t ask me why nobody wanted to talk to us when we went out after dinner to have a few cold ones in some of the local bars. Even the waitresses gave us their cell-numbers and asked us to txt them if we have another order.

Even the valued reader might not believe it, I loved each of the meals and as everybody knows, Garlic is very healthy, guess that’s why I am so gwapo.