After living here in the Philippines for a couple of years,I am still excited how important food is here in the Philippines. Life stands absolutely still when it is lunch-time in the Philippines. You can go to a shop around 11:30 and you can find chewing sales-ladies in each corner hiding, so that they don’t have to serve anybody. Here is a story from the past what is absolutely normal and happens each day in each office, shop or wherever you go: “We eat now !!!

Local Food from the Philippines is not really known as in the gourmet-guides throughout the world and there is a good reason why. I tried a lot of different local food and street food here in several provinces of the Philippines and there was some good stuff in between. Here is a list which I posted a while ago on dive-monster : Street-Food in the Philippines.

One of the local “must-do” snack is Balut. You basically haven’t been to the Philippines if you haven’t tried it.

What is Balut ?

Before I try to explain a lot, I found that little video on YouTube. Andrew Zimmern a international well know chef traveled for Travel Channel through the world and the Philippine Islands to discover the hidden secrets of local food.

The titel of this Series of Andrew Zimmern is “Bizzare Food” but as I live her in the Philippines, Street Food is everywhere and Balut is one of the absolute highlights…. not for me, but for many Philippinos.

This is the first of 3 or four parts about Street Food and Local Food in the Philippines. Stay tuned for more…