Hi, I am Maldita, Rhoody forced me to write here some stuff. I have the doubtfull pleasure to spend quite some time of my life with that crazy guy. But at the end of the day it can be quite fun, at least when he is sleeping or not in front of his computer, coz its my chance to use it he he he…  i love the video of this sea lion watching, and i,m more happy if i’m also in that place with him….

but its ok, i dont have budget at that time he has vacation and trip to Ageles City,so i can’t go with him, and i dont want having trouble with hes jealous girlfriend if she knew that im with her babaero boyfriend Rhoody…

but to be honest its to late, I’m already out with this guy for some dives.. i just dont tell if its wet dives or dry hehehe joke….. joke.. joke….

stay tuned, more to come