When you wake up at 4:30 in the morning and have two girls running around in your house like “chicken without head” there are a few options. One of these options would be that your girl found another girl in your cabinet. Another option: You simply life in the Philippines (where it basically has nothing to do with the daytime..hehe).

In my case yesterday it was the first communion of the “little-one” and the excitement of her and Mama was almost touchable. As I am not that into the church thingy I promised my little one (of course) to go with her at her “big day”. After we got dropped off at her school, where the celebration was held in the gym I had my last cigarette before show-start.

It was actually very exciting to see all this little girls and boys in a mixture of anxiety and nervousness and excitement. There was quite a tension in the school-gym. Unlikely other events in the Philippines, the show started on the spot at 8:00am with a …. Guess what … of course, a parade, where the parents/guardians had to bring their little one to their place. For that we had to present ourselves to all visitors on the grand-stands by walking a “round of glory” through the gym.

My little one had wet hands and Mama raced down first leg like a sprinter on the 100 meter finals at the Olympic games, made me wondering who is more nervous. I was pretty excited and very proud of my two girls and it was the right decision to go there, btw, I was the only long-nose at this event and had the feeling that a lot of eyes were on me.

After the mass started, some of the kids got bored pretty soon (at least those in the back-rows) and entertained themselves, constantly being reprehended by some teachers sitting behind them but without showing any effect on the kids. That made me wondering how this “teachers” are able to control the Kids in the classroom, as they are not able to do that at a “big event” like this. (I have actually a few more thoughts, but as you know, there is only one why question per day allowed and I “wasted”mine for today already, so I need to put them in a later post… )

After 1.5 hours the highlight of the show was scheduled and Mama and I led the little one to her first holy communion and after each participant got their “bite” the atmosphere relaxed a lot,  3 more songs and it was done.

We spend the rest of the day making it “Daisy’s day”, meaning whatever she want to do, we do. So we ended up in the movie-theater, malling, several restaurants, ice-cream, restaurant again and went tired but very happy at 10:00pm back home.

My goal for this day was to make it unforgettable for the little one. I am not sure if I succeeded but I saw here and Mama smiling and excited the whole day and they did the same to me.