Last Friday I was helping out with the soundsystem in Edelweiss for the Elvis show. (A few pictures here: Elvis in Dumaguete) After he ended his show I heard a band playing at the neighborhood in a  Outdoor Restobar Disco kinda thingy. When coming closer I heard they played some CCR stuff. The place is called Necy’s Restobar Dumaguete.

We went in and like many times I was the only foreigner in a local place. Also as always I was very heartly welcomed by the guests. This evening was the first time a Band played there at Necys Restobar and there was an entrance fee of 75 Peso per person. The 75 Peso were including a drink (in my case San Miguel Pilsen) and a small snack. We decided to take some BBQ-Sticks. Can’t complain about that for 75 Peso.

The owner came each few minutes and thanked us for being there but it was so friendly and never annoying. I had 2 more beer and a good time. The Band continued with some Santana Stuff and Rock ‘n Roll standards. After they finished I talked with them and they told me it’s the first time they played together here in Necys.

I will have another look during daytime to make some pictures of the place and most likely drop in there next Friday to see them playing a full set.

So if you are in Dumaguete and wanna see a nice place with some great locals and good music have a look at Necy’s Restobar. The place is located across Hypermart on the road to Valencia