Falling in line-demonstrated in Perfection

Falling in line - Perfect demonstration

The “big” Robinsons Mall is open a few weeks now. It appeared before the opening that it is the reinvention of the wheel for Dumaguete. Unseen waves of excitement swapped through Dumaguete and I heard a lot of people talking bad about Lee Plaza and how great Robinson will be. This guys are exactly the same who are talking bad about Robinsons Place in Dumaguete.

So what is Robinsons Place in Dumaguete now… breathtaking, stunning, disappointing, a disaster? Ok let me get Rhoody’s opinion online. Robinsons is a perfect step in the right direction.  The Mall is simply a provincial Mall in a province-town.

Knowing some people I had the chance to enter Robinsons Place Dumaguete about one hour before the grand opening. I definitely like the place in general. The stores and shops are what had to be expected. Some local shops moved there and there is not a lot new. Like each Mall in the PI they have problems with stocking up for the opening and run out of stock after the first few hours.

Glamorous opening

Glamorous opening

That of course gave the “typical” complainer enough reasons to whine around again…. the traffic.. and the bike-turn-arounders at parking area, and it is too cold inside. Andandand…

My Rhoody-Award goes again to a part German – Speaking – Expat community here in Dumaguete for what I hear online and read on several blogs and internet-board. I really love Germany, but this “personalities” made me turn my back to the country, Rhoody can’t live with all that grumpiness. ood that their very limited English skills keeps them of Dumagueteinfo. I wouldn’t be a moderator for DI with those guys around…

Ok, here are my two cents. The traffic is less than before unless you go at 5 – 7 pm. But there is no way of going smooth in the city for the last 4 years and all this retired complainers can go there from 9 am – 4 pm, where there is absolutely no problem at all.

At present are 39 out of 100plus shops open and we are of course in the province and won’t have the shops many are dreaming of.

I have been there a few times now, alone, with Rechel, with the little one and never had a bad time. The little one has space, mama can look at shoes and high-heals and I go “talent-scouting”. We have a look at the Supermarket if they re-stocked (for all complainers, they had a lot of great stuff at the opening what you do not get anywhere else in Duma and it will come back.)

correct, keep the Mall clean

correct, keep Mall clean, but make trashcans bigger

Of course Robinson Place Dumaguete was a “Rush-Opening” and stores and shops are not finished, the staff is not very knowledgeable and things are out of stock , however there are already some new options for dining, shopping, watching a movie (81 Peso only !!!! ) or just roaming around, getting an overview and go to buy it somewhere else.

Listening to some people here in Dumaguete it seems they are “forced” to go there, bad luck to you !!! I am a kind of free and can decide where and when I wanna go. Having my little one Happy and smiling for some hours and seeing Rechel in different sexy high-heals (without buying them… hehe) makes me also happy and willing to pay 2 peso more for my coffee at Robinsons Place in Dumaguete City.