We decided our second full day in Singapore will be spend in the Zoo. The Singapore Zoo is considered widely as the best rainforest zoo worldwide, as the best is just good enough, that was the place to go. We figured out our route with MRT and Bus, which would take us about one to 1 ½ hours going there. The Singapore Zoo is a northeast of Geylang at the upper water reservoir and we would need to change MRT and Bus a few times.

MRT or Taxi ?

Tram in Singapore Zoo

Tram in Singapore Zoo

When we left the Hotel we flagged down a Taxi just to ask for fun how much the ride would be. All Taxis in Singapore use meter and the driver was almost embarrassed by our question and answered he does not do any deals. I apologized and explained him we just want a house-number from his experience so we can decide Taxi or MRT. Now he understood and told us around 15 – 20 Singapore Dollar.


That was cool with us; just about the same as the MRT-Bus solution but much faster. The ride was only 25 minutes and my Boss got some breakfast for us at a booth at the entrance while I was buying the tickets.

The admission fee is S$ 27 per person if you include the Tram ride inside the Zoo. Without the Tram ticket you get charged S$ 22 for adults and S$ for kids and seniors. Due to the size of the zoo, I recommend the tram ticket.

White -ish Tiger at Singapore Zoo

White -ish Tiger at Singapore Zoo

After our quick breakfast, we got into the zoo and after some flamingos we came to the first animal which used the still cooler morning hours to do what they probably enjoy most…

Rechel Serona

you and me baby ain’t nothing but mammals …

... so let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel

… so let’s do it like they do on the Discovery Channel

Our first planned stop was the Splash Safari Show which was about to start in 45 minutes.


On the way there we walked through the Wild Africa Zone with all kinds of interesting animals.


The different areas looked to me very well taken care of. I know it is still not the space they would have in the wilderness, however, many of the animals in the Singapore Zoo are born in Zoos and would probably not even survive in the wild anymore. Therefore it is in my opinion better to have them in this confined environment and well taken care of.

When we got to the Splash Safari Show we had a good seat in the middle of the 5th row or so and it was a really enjoyable little show with a good sized sea lion being the star of the show.


Why the name was Splash Safari was clear pretty fast when the big animal started splashing water towards everybody close to “his” stage.

The show was 25 minutes or so and after we left we headed to the “Primate Kingdom”. Primates and monkeys are always funny, so we spend a lot of time there.

Roger Standley
All areas of the Singapore Zoo have a different theme and even we went there on a weekend, none of them were really crowded.


… it is NOT Rechel and I

At lunchtime we took a tram ride back to the restaurant area, where several fast-food and buffet restaurants are located. With a price range from valuable to quite expensive exquisite seafood there was just something for everyone.



We had a relaxed break before heading to the reptiles and other funny “ground-creatures”.

Big Teeth Penis Rat

Big Teeth Penis Rat

While I am always fascinated of reptiles, Rachel got a real kick out of that “biting-penis-creatures”. I will ask my dentist for some unusual implants when visiting him again.

Rechel Serona

… I wonder what got you excited …..

After that we went to a nice relaxing boat ride on Singapore’s upper water reservoir. The ride ended close to the Australian section with Emus and Kangaroos. It was mid afternoon and got really hot, even the zoo is basically under a rainforest tree-roof, most creatures became lazy like I was already.

I think we saw everything which was to see and we took another ride on the tram around the zoo before heading to the exit. A long line at the Taxi stand gave my lung and brain the signal that it was smoking time, while my boss had the privilege to fall in line in the shade.

Interesting, I was the whole day out and did not smoke a single cigarette, even did not even feel the demand in the zoo to have a smoke, despite the fact that I am a chain smoker and would have gone through my first pack at that time of the day under normal circumstances. That must simply mean, the zoo was great and all my senses were occupied with something nice.

I actually had 2.5 cigarettes to get my fresh-air level back to normal numbers before we got a taxi. The ride back was also quick and I believe S$17. However, Taxi was the right choice for us. It saved a lot of time and we could have a quick relaxing beauty-nap before heading out to Little India for dinner and some culture. The day at the Singapore Zoo was definitely outstanding and can be highly recommended.