flowers in my gardenFinally… after the longest raining season since I life in the Philippines it looks like we finally left all the clouds rain and storms behind. In seven years I never experienced a rainy-season starting in late September and lasting until the middle of march.
The sun hit Dumaguete like a hammer. It is HOT.
As I moved to Dumaguete from Dauin in November I had the whole time no real change to work a bit in my own garden and that is exactly how it looked. Knee-deep grass was attacking me in the back of my house. Millions of leaves were laying on the ground, rotten Banana leaves were hanging down from the banana-trees… (is it a tree ???? after I cut one down it appears to me more like a “monster-grass”) By the way, I had some 50 plus bananas hanging up there, this was the reason why I cut it, as I had no idea how to bring them down in any other way.

space-spidersWith big help of  two  sweet helper I started to collect all the leaves on three different spots and burned them. The smoke of it raised that high in the sky that whole Dumaguete thought there is a new volcano in Batinguel. I guess my neighbors hate me for that now. I was more concerned to avoid burning down my house…

Unlike my daddy, I don’t give much about gardens but the hours yesterday were amazing for me. At lunchtime the sweat was floating in liters and we were completely exhausted. But I must admit that my first own harvested bananas were the best in my life so far. I guess it will be the same with the Papaya and the Mangos. Yes, all that stuff is just growing here in my little Paradise.

Spiders from SpaceAfter the lunch-break we slowed down a little bit and played around with the water-hose, but even the water from my tank was almost to warm to help for refreshing. Finally we ended up doing exactly that what we should do in that heat….. Nothing !!!! Actually we were sitting in the grass and watching killer-spiders how they catch grasshoppers for their lunch. I found some “space-spiders”, tiny little creatures which are amazingly colorful. If they would be bigger they would scare the sh%@ out of me.

Around two o’clock we decided to go to the beach as it is better to lay in the ocean with an ice-cold coke-light and let the spiders and grasshoppers do their thing. I loved the day in the garden and it will not be my last, but I am sure that I will prefer my time under water much more, especially when it is hot like now… and there are no space and killer-spiders…