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The Boss versus Helper

It’s around 10am… I slowly get ready to prepare for food for lunch…

I make easy sandwich   for my boss snack … and I start cooking rice and easy Filipino style viand like fried fish and some boiled vegetable ready to deep in to the soy sauce….

When time comes that everything is cooked and tools for lunch are pack and its ready to bring to the school..Because I want that me and my daughter will eat together for lunch….

My daughter will be out for lunch at 12 noon.. Its around 11:45am I get to school and prepared the table for us.. I also ready the drinks she likes for our lunch… and some ready to bring snack for her healthy break at 3pm…

In the canteen… parents and some Yaya’s or helper around…. It’s so noisy there and busy…

My eyes and ears are also busy observing them…. Some are talking about their boss, text mate, broken road, traffic, expenses, dates, everything….

Its so much for me to hear… and I cant focus in what story of each of them I could stop and just listen…  so then I go to the side and set while take caring of the food I ready for my daughter and me. And at the same time continue listing to them….

Yaya said: my god my bosses are  hard to me and they are so hard   to understand, even small mistake they just get mad at me and no cares if we’re in the public. My ma’am shout at me..And putting her finger on my face… while telling my mistake.. It’s so embarrassing ….

The other parents also talking and one of them is complaining about her maid…

Boss said: hey friend I’m really not happy with my new helper now she is so stupid and no common sense… I ask her to buy some meat in the public market coz we run out of it… then its toke so much time just to get ready ,she take shower, wearing her white long pans and her new sandal… I ask her hey you know where you’re going? “Yes ma’am” , so why your  out fit is like that? Its so dirty and wet there in the market  and I want that you don’t take so much time just to buy some meat for  today’s lunch….  “yes ma’am”

Boss said: then my maid  got home around 12noon…  my god she have to cook and ready the food before lunch but then, its so late now because of so much preparing her self and being over dress… she  is not going in to party, she just have to buy something in the wet market..….

All of those are very simple, but its wasting time… listening to those complain… complain both side…  that’s what happen in the school canteen while waiting to there students to come out… then, they wonder why there is no good educations can school can teach there son and daughter…. ?

Its because they just let the time passing and wasting it while making so much chika chika…. Instead of searching..  the notes of there kids and have a look what the kids doing in school… talking to there kids heart  to heart , explaining  giving some examples just to vision what you want you meant to say  and make them understand how educations is very important… being a rule model to there kids and  let them understand there lessons.  And to let them understand not all lesson are by the book… they have also to learn by experience in life by being open eyes and aware not to happen to them those thing they know it will not help for there own and for there future…

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