My daughter is so exited to her back to school and its her first day… as a kid she is happy that she have will meet again her old classmates and new friends as well….. We woke up very early, as we know the roads are broken and many under constructions… and that the main reason also that the start of this years class  is delayed and the vacations for students are extended.

Not only that is the problem, also the tricycle driver’s here in Dumaguete are taking advantage of these situations…

As the road is broken some of this tricycle driver’s ask for more rates of fare.., complaining, and just leave with out saying anything, and some of those are just run away… as long as they don’t like the price you offer for them ….

It’s sad … but it’s happening right now in the city of gentle people

My daughter   is sad, that maybe she get late in her school… and being exited to this first day of school her excitement turn out to become sadness, disappointment,  and then she cries….

I talk to my daughter and explain, that not all tricycle driver are like that and some of those are honest even we experience to be being ignored of this crazy driver’s and to be not lucky to catch a honest, responsible driver and most of all a friendly and gentle man.. as we are in a city of gentle people… or maybe not …