I am on my way to Cebu where I meet up with my friend Kim to head for some dives to Malapascua.  After packing my stuff I headed to the Dumaguete Airport and after 100 plus one promises to my girls that I will take care and to be a “good boy” I went to the check in to find out that my luggage doubled my ticket-price.  I wonder if it’s possible to buy 2 tickets and fly alone, but having 30 Kilogram free luggage. They charge 100 peso per Kilo, so with a ticket-price of 700 Peso  and 1200 Peso for exceeding by 12 Kilo it would make sense and safe a lot to buy 2 tickets for one person.

The rebuild terminal of the Dumaguete Airport has at least a working Aircon. And after sweating my ass of while falling in line and checking in I was freezing in the waiting area. The flight with a brand-new propeller machine of Cebu Pacific left the Dumaguete Airport at 7:20 in the morning and was actually very convenient and about 20 minutes in the air … only.

Kim booked for us “Eddies Hotel” and the taxi from Mactan to the Hotel in Cebu City was 150 Peso (Taximeter).

Mission of the day  was do get to the immigration in Cebu and to run to Asia Divers to get some Spare-parts for my regulators. About 9:30 I got into a Taxi and headed towards Mandaue, where the immigration office is located. Even there were many people there it worked pretty fast and with less costs I was expecting. After only 1.5 hours I was done and on the way to Asia Divers.

A quick lunch at a Thai place at the SM Mall I went back to Eddies Place where I needed a rest. Now it’s about 7 :pm and my friend Km is soon to arrive. I am pretty hungry and I am sure we gonna have one or two cold ones later.

Just while typing that Kim txt me that his Cebu Pacific flight is delayed…  new departure now 21:30. He won’t be here before 11:30. I guess he isn’t in a good mod, like always when he gotta fly with Cebu Pathetic.

So I will have my dinner alone now in the Hotel Restaurant and have a cold one afterwards…

So business is done and tomorrow the fun hopefully starts with our trip to Malapascua.