The following is stolen from Sebastian Crumble who posted it on another board. It shows quite a lot about typical attitude here.  

 The Chinese Medicine store on the 2nd Floor of Robinson’s is the only place in town now you can buy Tiger Balm, essential for insect bites during the Wet.

It is wide open to the mall, no front door or walls. I wandered in and while the lights were all on and the place seemed open, there was no one there.

If I had wanted too, I could’a easy stole like 3 boxes’a sunflower seed tea…

I stood like a good little boy, waiting, waiting, waiting…hey what the fxxx is this shxx?

Where the fxxx is everybody?

Ah, there’s a little room in the back I didn’t see, “hello?”

“Hello? Anybody working?”

A girl with an obviously very annoyed look on her face peaked out the door at me. Then simply stared.

“Hi, you work here? Can I buy something?”

“We eat now.”

There it was. The ultimate reality. We eat now. Nothing comes between their lips and a handful of rice. Customer? Leave the place deserted? Sell something? Pay for our salary?

“We eat now.”

I know a Restaurant here in Dumaguete where the chef walked out of the kitchen at 12:00 noon and left the owner with 15 guests… The chef was hungry and could not work anymore…

gotta love it, cheers