I am not a x-mas fan and I never was. It was more than a month back or so when I walked into UNITOP (a store here in Dumaguete where you can buy a lot of cheap chinese crap), to be exactly it was 28th of September. I almost could not believe my ears when the whole store was filled with sweet christmas – tunes.

It is totally pervert to walk through a tropic city at 2 pm with at least 50 Celsius in the sun and listening to Barry Whites version of “Winter Wonderland” and its not even October.

Having said this, we know that the Philippine Islands claim themself to be one of the most catholic countries in the world. So maybe x-mas starts a bit earlier. I want to give it a try and find out if that is the truth or just hammered into the heads of the lovely people here.

I went to a sales-lady and asked her friendly way if she could help me to find out when the birthday of Jesus Christ is. The stunning answer was : Maybe in May !

hmmm not that bad… so I was very thankful and went on to ask the same question to another one. she got even closer with the answer : He is the lords son and has no birthday.

So what is the conclusion of that?

I will safe a lot of money this year as there is no x-mas in 2008 anymore. No need to buy presents and all that stuff. The only problem will be to explain that to my little one…

cheers and merry x-mas in advanced for may 2009