The Youth for the Environment Summer (YES) Camp will be brought outside Baguio City for the second time in six years. Foundation University will host the said event on April 28-May 2 for the High School leg and May 4-8 for the College leg.

The YES Camp’s activities this year will revolve around the theme, ‘Climate change: Warming up the Youth for Global Environmental Activism.’

“We want to make more young people aware about climate change, global warming, and other significant environmental issues because we want the youth to take active participation in the protection and preservation of the environment,” said Joey Pelaez, the Executive Director of the Center for Students and Co-curricular Affairs.

Among the activities for the said camp are plenary and breakout sessions, field exposures, outdoor activities, environmental competitions, exhibits, and environmental film festivals.

“This will be the first time that we will bring participants out of the venue for field exposures,” he said.

The YES Camp has been spearheaded by the Department of Education since the summer of 2003 and was first held in Baguio City.

The article above is from the FU page.
I will try to get there next week and write a article about it for Dumaguete Info. Thanks to Hannah a member of the DI-Forum I am allowed to attend several activities there.