I guess once in a while everybody goes through some days or weeks where things are just messed up and one is pretty much pissed off with everything, work sucks, it is cloudy and rains each time I wanna go out, Internet connection is lousy that adult-movies don’t run proper, and and and, it usually comes together…I seem to be in the middle of one. However,  I just decided to go for a beauty-nap, I checked my mails before laying down and found one which was not spam or complaint.

Maybe some of my valued visitors read “Raising the dead “, a dramatic real story about extreme cave diver Dave Shaw who promised the parents of Deon Dryer to find and get their son, who died on the bottom of the third deepest known freshwater cave of the world, back to the surface. I started posting the very emotional story about 2.5 years ago in eight parts. The story was original published on Outsideonline but I was totally thrilled of it that I just wanted to repost it to all who never heard of it. http://dive-monster.com/bushmans-hole-raising-the-dead-part-1/. Most people who react first with saying “ those guys  are crazy idiots, why are people doing that”, will change their mind when reading “raising the dead” and get sucked with Dave Shaw and  Don Shirley into the depth of Bushman’s Hole.

Anyway, this afternoon I got this mail where I just wanna quote:

Hi Rudy.

For the past few days I’ve been reading the forums on dumagueteinfo.com and enjoying your Dive-Monster blog. Thought that I would say hello. I see that you reprinted the excellent Outside article on Dave Shaw, Don Shirley, and Bushman’s; I wrote a book about the same incident that was published in 2008. I lived with Don Shirley and his wife for a month at Komati Springs, and visited Bushman’s with him. Very cool.

I hope to come to Dumaguete area for an extended visit soon, and if so I hope we can meet. You write well, and you obviously enjoy life.

BTW I noticed that you mentioned Dave Ross in PG. He was my OW instructor a LOT of years ago.


Phil Finch

Well, I usually get mails what an arrogant asshole I am (not that I deny that…), so this mail was a very cool and pleasant surprise and I must admit it turned my bad mood totally around. Of course I replied, thanked and asked if I can help anything. However, we figured out that we either bumped already into each other while I was working there with Asia Divers or just missed by weeks. Nevertheless seems we have some friends in PG in common.

More about Phil, his book about bushman’s hole and his future plans in the next article. My 3 monsters came home and there is no way focusing on writing…