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New Trainings Aid for Rescue and EFR/MFA Course

As a Scuba Diving Instructor (or to be exact PADI-MSDT), I can teach up to Dive-Master or Master Scuba Diver at non professional Level.

I am just a little scared that my Dive – Association will include the trainings aid below as a requirement in the Rescue/EFR course. They are known to throw things on the market which are pretty useless, for me even sometimes too hard, to remember the Acronym of that thingies. Be honest, who in the wide wide world of Scuba Diving needs a eMLRDP. If you don’t know what an eMLRDP is, just forget it right away and never ever think about it again, unless you want to become a Dive-Master, Scuba Diving instructor or higher. read more

Coral Reef Status in the Philippines

We all have to work together to protect the pristine coral reefs and underwater world in the Philippines. Everybody can do a little bit. Communication is one of the biggest factor for reaching that that goal. Helping people to understand why we need to put a lot of effort into reef-conservation. It is a never ending process and a hard battle which can only be won if we all pull on the same side of the string...

Another day on Malapascua -diving Monad Shoal

Monad Shoal took Malapascua on the worldwide divemap. Thresher Sharks and Mantas can be seen around that divespot

Diving Gato Island – Malapascua

Gato Island is a great daytrip for diving when visiting Malapascua. Nice walls covered with corals and a lot of Sharks in the area make Gato Island to a must-do

Trip from Eddies Hotel in Cebu to Exotic Dive Resort Malapascua

After a good sleep we had our pickup arranged by Exotic Dive Resort in Malapascua at 12 o’clock. The driver and we were a kind of in time and were on our 4 hour trip to the north of Cebu.

Quality Dive-Shops in the Philippines

I am freelancing since a while like many know. Being trained in one of the best PADI-Dive-center in the Philippines my safety-thinking is relatively high developed and I try to explain that to my students and divers many times why I suggest doing it "this way" instead of "that".

Coron, Palawan – Mega Resort on Diwaran

The small Island of Diwaran next to Coron, Palawan, is supposed to be transformed in a new Luxury-Beach-Resort until 2012. As this would support the local-tourism industry it's still a question how that will end.. The whole Island should compete or stand aside Phuket in Thailand.

Pinoy Big Brother and Trip na Trip in Dumaguete

Pinoy Big Brother is in the Phillipines a big thing, maybe even bigger than in most parts of the world.Jason and Uma, the winner or finalists or whatever they are came with Noly de Castro, the daughter of the vice-president to Dumaguete to present our lovely town at Trip Na Trip, a travel-show on ABS-CBN, one of the biggest local TV-Stations.

Mikes Adventure Dive Shop Dumaguete

Mike Feeney is not only a good friend of mine. He is also the owner of the Adventure Dive Shop at the Boulevard in Dumaguete City. The Adventure Diveshop is also known as Mike’s Diveshop. There is always a great family – feeling as soon as you step in the shop. Things are running smoothly. Sure in a big dive-resort it might be more convenient. read more

Diving in Subic Bay at Camayan Beach Resort

On Sunday the 6th of January we scheduled a side-trip to Subic with some friends to have a great and do some diving on the famous wrecks of the Subic Bay.