During our dive in Dauin last July 19, 2020, I (Daisy Dive Monster Jr.) had some problems with my dive equipment. It wasn’t working and the battery is done. After a few days from the dive trip, I finally decided to change the battery of my Aqualung i100 dive computer. The dive computer was Dive Monster Sr. Rhoody’s but he gave it to me almost two years ago. So, a change of battery is just about time! Watch the video below for complete tutorial.

Aqualung i100 Battery Replacement

The Aqualung i100 has a CR2450 battery, which is even available in Dumaguete. While nobody knows how long the batteries are on the shelf, at least they don´t need to be ordered. While it is recommended by Aqua Lung to buy a full replacement kit, it was the first battery change, and as the dive computer was never opened and always was handled with care, the O-ring should still be in great condition. Therefore, a simple battery change should do the trick without causing problems. I had to learn how to take care of my equipment, so I had to do the battery replacement myself. It was super easy!!!

You will need:
new battery (CR2450), some silicone lube or grease & battery replacement tool (comes with your dive computer)

What to Do?
Step 1: Remove the back cover, retainer & O-ring.
Step 2: Remove the battery & replace it with a new one.
Step 3: Rub some silicone on the O-ring.
Step 4: Place everything back.

NOTE: Make sure place the retainer nice and tight to avoid leaks.

Watch the Aqua Lung i100 Dive Computer
Battery Replacement (TUTORIAL) Video here:

The Aqua Lung Dive i100 Computer is a great entry-level computer, which just does all a new diver’s wants and needs. It is a great and easy to read dive buddy, which shows all important data in big digits. It has four different dive modes as well as Nitrox and depth gauge. It also keeps your logbook saved after battery change. For a price just above US$ 220, there are no complaints. As a new diver or a diver who does some easy recreational diving, one can´t go wrong with this little helper.

Aqua Lung i100 Features

It has four operating modes (Air, Nitrox, Gauge dive modes & Free Dive). The i100 dive computer has a memory feature where it can maintain its settings and calculations during battery changes. Has audible alarms and additional high-visibility LED warning lights to keep you safe during your dives. Safe for salt or freshwater dives.

First Legal Scuba Dive (During Pandemic)

After almost 4 months in self isolation, with the occasional grocery shopping, we were not able to scuba dive. On July 16, 2020, the Provincial Governor of Negros Oriental Roel Degamo signed that scuba diving is allowed. Guess what was the first thing we did? Book our diving trip! We called again our entrusted driver and neighbor Kuya Tata to bring us to Dauin for a morning dive. We also contacted Apo Scuba Divers for tank rentals and extra weights. Then off to the water we went!


Watch the First Legal Scuba Diving – Pandemic Edition Video Here:

During our first dive, we saw a lot of anthias, different anemonefish, beautiful corals, scorpionfish, lizardfish and so much more! The water was clear up to 15 meters despite the gloomy weather. We used our Sea Life lights and GoPro HERO 7 Black to capture our first dive. As law abiding citizens, we also used face masks underwater 😉.

During our second dive, we met a big turtle which we named “Kevin”. We also saw a few juvenile bat fish, moray eel and of course fish fish. We can’t wait to go scuba diving again during the pandemic. So stay tuned!