Who turned the lights on? Who? We did! The Dive Monsters recently purchased some brand-new SeaLife Video Lights (Sea Dragon 2500 F) to brighten up the underwater realm we love to dive into. From the first few minutes we held it around our arms after unboxing till the very first few hours we had it while diving was amazing! All our video just turned out brighter and better than we even expected !

While Daisy the Dive Monster Junior’s boyfriend was for a summer vacation in America, we took the chance to buy as much diving equipment as possible and avoid import tax in the Philippines. However, we did not abuse this chance of course. After all, he only had two hands to bring so many pasalubongs and gifts. Long story short, he returned home to Dumaguete City with our first ever underwater video dive lights.

SeaLife Video Lights – Sea Dragon 2500 F

This little set up is great and easy to handle and is completely idiot-proof. A simple yet durable turn and lock is all you need to get the whole set ready.

We ordered two dive lights called Sea Dragon with 2500 F each. That’s bright enough to blind a baby frog fish or a seahorse. The light set came along with a dual tray, two handle or grips and a cute little sling bag (SL944 Duo Case). All for $749.00 in Amazon! Being on a shopping mood, we also bought two SeaLife SL9901 Flex-Connect arm ($49) and a SeaLife Flex Adapter for our GoPro Hero7 Black Camera ($21.74). The total for our new dive light sets up is $819.74! Not a bad price at all!


Watch Dive Monster Senior Unbox SeaLife Video Dive Lights Here:

First Dive with Our SeaLife Video Dive Lights

To be honest, it took us weeks to finally schedule a dive with Mike’s Beach and Dive Resort where both the Junior and Senior could go. However, it was worth the wait. We headed off early as 7:00 am to Dauin despite our scheduled boat ride at 9:00 am. One could say we were too excited, however, we just wanted our gears ready. And off to the blue we go!


Watch a Summary Video of our 1st Dive with Our dive Lights here:

The No-Drift Drift Dive in Mainit

For our first dive, our guide told us that we will be having a drift dive in Mainit (generally a place known for drift diving all year round). The word “Mainit” is a Visayan term meaning hot. It is called such due to the volcanic sand in the area. This is a great dive site where you can spot hundreds of fishes, nudibranchs and schools of giant barracudas.

BUT…during our dive, there was no drift at all! That was the first time Dive Monster Senior (with over 3,000 dives in his life) and Dive Monster Junior dove with out a drift in Mainit. It was different and a little weird. The place looked slower and more graceful.


Watch our Diving in Mainit Video here:

We definitely can’t wait to make more video and pictures of our dives. Until next time! 💕💕💕