Another wake up call to our Filipino people…?

There is  a lot of time I’m asking why  Filipino are like that…

“like what?…..” Filipino are …..?????????

Yes.. I cant say…. “why” because I am also Filipina but still in the thinking stage why some Filipinos  love the show wowowee, and for sure not only here in the Philippines, some of our Filipino people are in other country…they are  called TFC subscriber.. they’re  subscribe in a channel that they can watch the Television programs  here in the Philippines ,while they are out of the country and far from their families….

I experience watching this show wowowee on TV… its nice and sounds real…. Real as some of the contestant   tell their stories how life is difficult …  “again  sounds so much Drama diba?” but that’s Filipino, its so hard for most of them to get apart from  their Family some of them are also Filipino workers in other counties….  As a Filipino, and like everybody else suffer of being lonely, alone and nobody to tell or  can voice out their problems, being home sick, and  the feelings how that its hard to get apart from your love one.

Thought watching this program they can see some Filipinos life and they can relate and see their self and similarities of life experience… … plus a change that they can see their relatives on TV performing witch not unusual to them, and show their talents.. and some of them they can really perform as they are not performer or its not their job in real life….. plus when the contestant speaking their dialect from witch province they from…. Its really sounds real and not descript but real person real life…   then trough this showing this talents on one of the games in this wowowee called  “ welie of fortune “  its bring them to smile and happiness same as  for the audience too..and for those families aboard its gives them  encouragement to work hard abroad and stay still strong and not being lonely or home sick…

This wowowee afternoon program on Filipino channel is now the daily rotten and part of everyday living…. And even its has the record of having 71 people died and 800 were hurt and injured  according to the news report I’ve watch  and article I’ve read in other website,about the  celebration of Wowowee’s first anniversary  instead of happiness  they speck it became a traumatic tragedy for the family of those who died and got hurt on the stampede out side the ultra the place where they will  celebrates their first anniversary….

I also watch  sometimes this  afternoon show,….But today, my attention was caught by Wowowee after  I watch again the news about  this tragedy  its  long time ago. But its still give pain and disappointment and ask my self  ” why its happen”  I think its happen last  February 4 2006….. It just saddens me that the lack of discipline among some Filipinos could be the reason of other peoples death and  besides the fact that they could already see the people getting hurt and worst, grasping for breath, they are still pushing each other just to make it inside just to enter and be a contestant in this show.. its sad…. And ….

That  is way  more disgusting, and  because of puberty  I can’t think of any other word to describe  this,it many Filipinos try their luck and hope that they can get money or prizes from this show… We could not blame the people who went there in the first anniversary  of wowowee in the hope of winning cash prizes even dough some of them went there just to have fun… but this all torn in to opposite happened.  This should be a wake up call not only for the government, but also to every Filipino, that we should do something to stop poverty and learn the meaning of word  “discipline”. But I know I cant blame anybody as I also can’t do anything to help and improve my self in the way I want for my self…  on other hand  and  after that tragedy  couple of years  ago its still not close case or unfinished case… .

But ,at the present, this show   wowowee make  some people  happy and give  good prizes from the games in this show. This tragic event  was the pass and I wish not to happen again in any event or programs for the futures… this shows wowowwee  would be the show of Filipino showing that filipino are strong and can fight for every tragedy comes in their lifes…. And even its really ,indeed many poor Filipino families here in this country.

We better think and do something for our self “ Or we could help in our own little way “ AND  we give our hearty , heavenly wish and  pray  for those who died and get hurt and for their families as well.

We make a new good way… and  we make many  reasons  why to be proud as a Filipino…..

Be strong and smart  with a  word “discipline” in our heart and daily life as a  Filipino…