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my visit in Tacloban…

We leave Dumaguete at 12 midnight March Friday the 13th, my daughter is so excited to see her brother in Tacloban,,, our plan is to surprise him  that we are there on his birthday March 17..

we arrived at Cebu 7am March 14th and we  move to another boat going to Ormoc, its 2 hours travel, then Ormoc to Tacloban 1 hour in the bus…

I’m not very much excited that I’m already in my home town where i grow up…even i have change to meet my school mates my old friends, my cousins, aunties and more relatives,… because i know they just expect a lot of pasalubong or help i can give to them, its nothing bad at all.., to be honest i love to help and to have anything for them to help and to share  some of my blessings.. but i don’t have something to give for them,for sure if i have, there is no problem to share… but then i just have my budget and plans for something good for my son, the only reason why me and my daughter are visiting Tacloban City.…  When we’re already at the barangay Anibong the place where i grow up, i can’t stop my self not to cry.. a silent cry but its so deep to my heart and my mind.,and its bring some of my memories how i grow up and learn  how to fight for life .. Actually my grandma took care of me and 3 more younger brothers of mine,..since I’m in 4th grade school,   up to 2nd year high school, I’m with my grandma, (mother side…) I don’t grow up with my own  Family,, its already broken family since i born… my brothers are all half brother only (mother side)…  its make me more sad when i saw the old house of my grandma,its really broken no walls, no roof and no floor…. the only thing was left there are mess and old clothes that nobody can used..

I stay with my uncle, older brother of my dad, i stay there for 4 days….

i don’t waste any single days of my visit to my son in Tacloban that i don’t play and  go out somewhere that i can make my kids happy.. I bring them to Family park, Tower park,Santo Niño church..and to new Gaisano Central a shopping mall in Tacloban.i bought so much present for him.. toys and the most important is his school supplies…  i miss my son so much… I’ve missed a lot of days with out him….  how i wish i can go swimming with him like my daughter and me doing each summer…  i wish that he understand why i have to leave him in Tacloban together with his grandma and not with me  each  time he needs me… to guide him, to teach him if he has home work, play with.. and sleep with… that he feels how much i love him… i just hug my daughter double tight coz of missing him, my son…. I feel and see my daughter miss him too…


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