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Medic First Aid – CPR Instruction Video

I am not allowed to post any fractions of the PADI EFR instruction video here, but I found a great short CPR Instruction Video I would like to share with you

When you need a Friend…

After quite some seven turbulent months and not much time in my hands, I wanna start the month of August with a cute Video I found on You Tube. So enjoy the two Minutes like I did…



Husbands Revenge

Doesn’t it always happen if you wanna explain something and get interrupted, you tell your wife to wait for a minute and not touch things until you return.

Maybe it is just me, but I can bet a case of San Miguel Pilsen that 3.28 seconds after I turned my back to my love, her hands are on the object I asked her NOT to touch.  Upon return I usually find the computer showing weird behavior, or something is broken on the ground, or my snapshot camera shows 29th of September 2039, or or or … And all happens just with the pure mental power of my sweetheart as (of course !!!) she never touched anything. read more

Dive Apo Island – best Video I have seen so far

I found that video about diving in Apo Island on you tube and it is probably the best quality I have seen so far about diving Apo Island.

Mikes Dive and Beach Resort in Dauin – Dumaguete

Mikes Beach Resort in Dumaguete or better in Dauin is soon to open its gates. The Beach and Dive Resort had a tough head to head fight with Robinsons Dumaguete but finally made it and opens earlier.

Cave Diving – simply amazing

I was thinking about posting that Video of a cave dive, as it has nothing to do with the Philippines. Than I remembered my friend in Puerto Galera Dave Ross, who runs Tech Asia and the fire in his eyes when he spoke about that kind of stuff … in his case more wreck diving and the shiny eyes were not from the Beer in the Point bar… read more

Women are better driver

A global study over a long term just proved that women have only 23 % of the accident-rate of men.

Pinoy Big Brother and Trip na Trip in Dumaguete

Pinoy Big Brother is in the Phillipines a big thing, maybe even bigger than in most parts of the world.Jason and Uma, the winner or finalists or whatever they are came with Noly de Castro, the daughter of the vice-president to Dumaguete to present our lovely town at Trip Na Trip, a travel-show on ABS-CBN, one of the biggest local TV-Stations.

Hangover in different levels

The whole day is spent trying to avoid anything that might make you sick again, like moving. You vow never to touch a drop again - until next weekend.

Watch that closely – thinking about hurts

Maybe “It hurts” is not the right description. I stumbled over a video which I just had to share. It gave me goose bumps and all my hair in my neck went straight up while watching it.

A guy named Steve Gass developed a Table Saw which stops when you put your finger into it.
Yeah man, right, maybe he has steel bones, that would stop the blade ripping of his finger, I thought. read more