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Living, eating, surviving in the Philippines. How to get along with local culture. different expieriences in this tropical Paradise

A Weekend Trip to Siquijor and the 86-Factor

Not all things can be predicted when planning a trip, anyway if you ever wanted to find out what is the closest to human water, continue reading this article.

Fluoro Dive – What is a Fluorescence Night Dive

A Fluoro Dive is the latest and probably fanciest addition in Scuba Diving. A Fluorescence Night Dive is like being live in Avatar. Maybe it is a fancy thing which goes away as quickly as it came, nevertheless for those who have the options, they should give it a try, it is pretty cool. read more

Medic First Aid – CPR Instruction Video

I am not allowed to post any fractions of the PADI EFR instruction video here, but I found a great short CPR Instruction Video I would like to share with you

Bohol Bee Farm – Eating Flowers

The food at the Bohol-Bee-Farm was very delicious and I can recommend it to everybody to stop by there when visiting Bohol.

The Manila I-MAX Experience

Yeah, of course… 3.5 fat long-nosed smartasses going on a Sunday afternoon without tickets or reservation to a Cinema to watch one of THAT movies.

Jack Sterling-Bohol Insider-The other Travel Guide

Jack Sterling’s Bohol Insider is in my opinion by far the best Travel Guide about the beautiful Island of Bohol and helped even me… and I am living since 8 years in this lovely country.

Rhoodys Robinsons Place Dumaguete Report

The “big” Robinsons Mall is open a few weeks now. It appeared before the opening that it is the reinvention of the wheel for Dumaguete.

My Little Ones Special Day

When you wake up at 4:30 in the morning and have two girls running around in your house like “chicken without head” there are a few options. One of these options would be that your girl found another girl in your cabinet. Another option: You simply life in the Philippines (where it basically has nothing to do with the daytime..hehe). read more

Rhoody’s Birthday – present

I had birthday a few weeks ago. My birthday is a thing I really keep as a secret. I am not into this big parties. A couple of beer with friends and I am happy.

I have no idea who leaked that date, however, about one week before Rhoody’s birthday two of my neighbors approached me and asked me what I want as a birthday gift. read more

A great week of non-diving in Dumaguete

All together Daisy and I had a great week, but we both worked out as a great team and didn’t burn down the house