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Singapore Zoo – Visa Run Part IV

We decided our second full day in Singapore will be spend in the Zoo. The Singapore Zoo is considered widely as the best rainforest zoo worldwide, as the best is just good enough, that was the place to go. We figured out our route with MRT and Bus, which would take us about one to 1 ½ hours going there. The Singapore Zoo is a northeast of Geylang at the upper water reservoir and we would need to change MRT and Bus a few times. read more

Sentosa Island – Visa Run Part III

Waking up in the morning, looking out of the hotel window for weather check, we made the decision to go to Sentosa, a popular island full of fun. A place you can’t go wrong as a first time visitor to Singapore. My boss and I decided to have breakfast just around the corner in one of that little “hole in the wall” Indian eateries and take a bus to Sentosa. read more

Singapore – Marina Bay


1st evening at Marina Bay

Before heading out on the first night, we were asked to pay our bill. I did not have enough Singapore dollar on hand, so our front-desk guy explained us the way to the money changer. Of course they were all closed, but no problem, I was sure to pass an ATM to get some more cash on hand.
read more

VISA Run to Singapore

It was time for another VISA Run abroad and I decided to go this time to Singapore. One reason of that decision was to bring my boss Rechel, who never was outside the Philippines and I thought it might be nice for her to visit a clean big city or in the case of Singapore a country. She knows Manila and Cebu so has an idea about the big stinky cities in the Philippines. read more

Bais – Dolphin Watching Trip vs Brownout in Dumaguete

My little monster had birthday on Saturday and I was thinking, like at each whatever-celebration, where one has to give presents, what to give her. Earlier that week I followed several discussions on about outstanding tourist destinations in Negros, that Bais is basically worthier than any other place in the world and a guy who is in Valencia, writes advertising for Bais on the Forum mentioned above but  stated: read more

Arrival at Tipolo Beach Resort Moalboal

At 12:45 we arrived at Tipolo Beach Resort in Moalboal and checked in. We got informed that the rooms are not ready, and it is brownout, which was no issue, the official check in time is 2:00pm and as it was not that hot and we were hungry anyway, we decided to have a bite to eat at the Last Filling Station, the Restaurant which belongs to the Tipolo Beach Resort. read more

Moalboal Trip – Using Public Transport from Dumaguete

Trip to Moalboal from Dumaguete

After a short cut trip to Angeles in January cause my little Daisy was in the hospital and I needed to fly back home to Dumaguete, I decided to meet Kim and some friends in Moalboal, where he went with some friends. Moalboal is about a three of four hour trip with public transport from Dumaguete on the west coast of Cebu. read more

A weekend at Charisma Beach Resort in Siquijor

After our 5-Star experience with Delta Ferries Kim, M&M and I finally arrived in Larena on Siquijor where the driver of Charisma Beach Resort was waiting and took us the last 30 minutes to the resort. It was dark already, so we did not see anything of the praised sunset. read more

A Weekend Trip to Siquijor and the 86-Factor

Not all things can be predicted when planning a trip, anyway if you ever wanted to find out what is the closest to human water, continue reading this article.

The Chocolate Hills of Negros

. Not many people know that Negros has its very own Chocolate Hills. They are not as many as the world famous chocolate Hills in Bohol.